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Artisans of Florence

The Artisans of Florence design, develop and deliver award-winning, interactive, science and historical exhibitions to museums, science centers, art galleries and private institutions worldwide. In partnership with the Museum of Leonardo da Vinci (Florence, Italy) we have developed a series of blockbuster exhibitions to suit venues of all sizes and audiences. 
To date we have visited over 50 countries in six continents with over 20 million visitors worldwide.

Who we are

Artisans of Florence is a worldwide touring exhibitions company. We work in close partnership with the Museum of Leonardo da Vinci  in Florence pioneering hands on interactive educational exhibitions since the 1960’s. Our Florence-based Artisans specialize in reconstructing ancient and lost technology (also known as forensic archaeology) to develop unique and engaging interactive learning experiences for all ages using the techniques and materials relevant to the epoch.

Our Services

We have been providing museums, art galleries and science center with award winning interactive educational exhibitions since 2004. Our services include:


For all exhibition and hosting inquiries

Thomas Rizzo
Director of Traveling Exhibitions
(Melbourne, Australia)