Ancient Rome - The Empire that Shaped the World

Discover the military, transportation and construction technology of the Empire that shaped our modern world in this hands-on exhibition for all ages. Featuring catapults, aqueducts and the secrets of the Colosseum.

This award-winning exhibition brings to life the lost and forgotten technology and inventions that set the Roman Empire apart from the rest of the Ancient World and which continue to influence us to this day. By reconstructing Ancient Roman technology using the same materials and techniques used by the Romans thousands of years ago, we can learn so much more than we could from studying archaeological finds and ancient texts exclusively. Recreating the machines also offers us the unique opportunity to use some of these incredible inventions to understand how they work firsthand.


Touring exhibition facts

  • Rental:  Discounted long-term rental for over months
  • Setup:  5 day install/5 day dismantle
  • Footprint:  4000-8000sq ft (400m2-800m2)
  • Delivery:  Single truck or shipping container

Key themes and exhibits


Military genius – Veni vidi vici

Catapults, seige towers, battle tactics, centurions and legionnaires.

Transport and logistics - All roads lead to Rome

Transportation innovations: odomerers, roads and the World’s oldest road map

Building Rome – Rome wasn't built in a day

Enormous cranes driven by soldiers inside human-sized hamster-wheels, flour-mills, waterproof concrete and aquaducts

Lifestyle and entertainment – Bread and circuses

Mighty gladiatorial games, secrets of the Colosseum, fresco paintings, costumes and games.