Green Initiatives

In 2019, after serving 12 years as Director of Travelling Exhibitions, Thomas Rizzo accepted the position as CEO of Artisans of Florence, bringing with him a focus on meaningful change in our sustainability practices. Since then we have seen a number of fantastic changes in how we conduct our business.

All the Artisans\’ flights are carbon offset, at no cost to our customers. We have invested in solar energy to power our head office and sought biodegradable packaging for our travelling exhibitions which has considerably cut down our carbon footprint as an organisation. You can learn more about why we choose to use GreatWrap by following this link.

This is all in addition to our decades-long practice of comprehensive tour schedules which eliminates the need for our exhibitions to travel back to Italy between International shows.

We are looking forward to implementing more green, philanthropic and kindness initiatives in 2020 and beyond!

Key Initiatives

  • Solar powered head office
  • Biodegradable packaging used on touring exhibitions
  • Carbon offset for the Artisans\’ flights
  • Greatly reduced international travel for exhibitions