What have the Romans ever done for us!?

Quite a lot it turns out.
It is remarkable how a civilization 2000 years ago on the other side of the world could have influenced not just our science, art, engineering, architecture and culture but also our ways of thinking. Be prepared to learn something new and unexpected about ancient Rome, contemporary society and human nature.

Ancient Rome: The Empire that Shaped the World exhibition has opened at the Museum of Tropical Queensland, Townsville.

Artisans of Florence Director Thomas Rizzo said the exhibition really resonates in regional communities where practical innovation, teamwork and community is key to success. “It\’s a testament to the Roman Empire\’s lasting impact on our modern world and way of life, and the practical can-do attitude of the Romans,” Mr Rizzo said.

On until 14 November 2021. Entry is free with museum admission. The exhibition will run alongside Antiquities Revealed, a Queensland Museum travelling exhibition that showcases the Queensland State Collection of real artefacts from ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt.

Read more about the exhibition\’s themes on the Artisans of Florence International website.