How Galileo\’s discoveries shaped us

The moon landing, space exploration, satellites and global telecommunications, telescopes, navigation at sea, medical instruments that measure heart rate, and even the clock… None of these would have been possible without this man… Galileo: Scientist, Astronomer, Visionary is on at Waikato Museum, Hamilton, New Zealand until 7 June 2021. Explore and experience the art of […]

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Galileo’s Icy Moon

Four hundred years ago Galileo made a discovery that fundamentally shaped our understanding of the universe and our place in it. Using his powerful telescope he observed that the planet Jupiter had moons, which he initially thought to be planets. In March 1610, Galileo published his discoveries of Jupiter’s satellites and other celestial observations in

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Galileo the Astrologist

Did you know that Galileo read people’s horoscopes as a side business? In Europe during the late Renaissance Astrology played a very important role for many people and was highly regarded as a “science” alongside Astronomy and Mathematics. Military generals and noblemen would choose a particular date for their wedding or plan an important battle

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